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Electrical installations that are required in offices, buildings, hospitals, malls, schools, small industries, etc. are known as commercial electrical installations. 

These include installations of heavy-duty electrical wires, air conditioning systems, lighting, elevators, escalators, sound system, motors, machinery, and hospital equipment to name a few important ones.

Commercial electrical installations are different from residential electrical installations.  The electricity requirements are different and hence the type of voltage and wiring are also different.

While residential wiring is hidden most often, commercial wiring remains fully accessible and is typically safeguarded by conduits to protect against hazards.

Commercial electrical installations are often very complex

Electrical wiring in commercial space uses thermoplastic materials featuring nylon high resistance coating to protect wiring. These are placed in conduits for protection.  Special insulation might be used to further shield the wiring depending on potential hazards that might be present nearby to these wires.

The majority of commercial installations require a 3-phase power installation.  The use of heavy machinery, lifts, equipment, and laboratory machines require heavy usage of electricity.

Key aspects of commercial electrical installations:

Commercial electrical installations vary based on the type of building, its location and environment, and the components used.  The key aspects underlying these are as follows:

Convenience Outlets

Commercial establishments require numerous outlets in the form of sockets.  Since there are various equipment, devices, motors, lifts, lighting, etc, they all need to be powered and hence convenience outlets are a must. This enables easy plug-in of devices that requires a power supply.

The type of sockets that needs installation depends on numerous factors.  Floor occupancy, cabling, and other electrical components all determine the number of sockets needed.


This is one of the most important aspects of commercial wiring.  The best process involves setting up general light wiring and then moving to the more complicated lighting wiring.  Sufficient light needs to be provided in every area of the building.

Distribution Panel Board

A distribution panel board is responsible for distributing electricity throughout the building.  It acts as a circuit breaker or fuse.  Panel boards with extensive wiring capacity and accessible door handles must be used.

Service Entrance

This is the location where electricity from the grid enters the commercial premises and is routed to the rest of the building.

It is important to check all key aspects during commercial electrical wiring as the power load is high and could lead to loss of lives, and damage to expensive devices.

A safe commercial electrical installation should meet your power needs without sacrificing efficiency.  It is okay if it takes a longer time to install electrical wiring for your commercial premises and be sure that every key aspect has been accounted for.

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