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Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control systems are redefining the future of business security. The high-precision data gathering, identification, and verification capabilities of these systems have made them a crucial and integral part of many industries worldwide.

With the ever-improving technology and the need for high security, the biometric access control system comes across as a very necessary system in providing security to businesses of varying sizes and scales.

The various benefits of these systems have largely helped businesses and we cannot think of another efficient system for providing security.

A biometrics access control system is the method of identifying and verifying a person’s identity based on certain chemical, behavioral, or physical attributes of that person. It is relevant across a wide range of applications in large-scale identity management.

One of the most common uses for this system is to provide access control for restricted facilities, areas, or equipment. The system provides access based on who the person is rather than what he has in his possession to verify himself for gaining access.

This is different from access cards, password-based or a pin-based systems, where there is a chance of losing them or someone misusing them.

Biometric access control

What is the need for biometrics in security systems?

Traditional access systems have an inherent critical vulnerability. They either use a physical key, an access card, a pin, or a password to gain access to a facility in a building.

Stolen or hacked access cards can allow any person to gain entry who is otherwise not authorized to gain entry.

A simple code or password-linked access system is enough for entry into the main building. For a high-security area, it requires a different level of security clearance.

Biometrics access control does not have this vulnerability. Biometrics are unique to a person and not duplicated. Hence, it is very difficult for any other person to access it other than you.


Benefits of biometrics for access control

The main benefits of using biometrics for access control are security, convenience, and reduced costs.

  • Biometrics inherent to the user

Biometrics are inherent to a person and very unique. It is difficult for anyone other than the intended user to use it.

  • Difficult to duplicate data

Keycard duplicators can duplicate traditional access cards.  Anyone can duplicate physical keys. This indicates the vulnerability of such traditional security access systems.

Biometrics are generally much harder to duplicate. Modern biometric systems use liveness tests to ensure that the biometric data is coming from an actual human and not a duplicated or forged replica.

  • Easy permission management

Like access cards, the management can revoke access to any person from the control panel dashboard. This ensures that suspended users are not given access.

  • Can’t lose or forget

These systems are convenient to use as it only requires the physical presence of that person and no other object, such as a key or access card or data such as a pin or password.

Keys or access cards can get lost, and PIN or passwords forgotten, but your biometric code is always with you.

  • Easy access

This removes the need for any physical key or access card. Your biometric id is always with you and is accessible at any time you need to use it. You need not depend on anything else for access.

  • Efficiency

Most biometrics access systems can identify users in a fraction of a second. This eliminates the time delay and inefficiency of manual identity checks, passwords, or pins.

Reduced costs
  • Fewer security staff

These can save companies huge money by reducing the need for dedicated security staff to man access points. In the case of many access points, the cost of maintaining security staff is very high.

  • Zero replacement costs

People can lose physical access systems such as keys and access cards and need replacement on an immediate basis. The business incurs expenses in replacing them often.

Replacement also means losing precious time for the administrators who have to go through the process of replacing them.

  • Protect expensive equipment

In manufacturing facilities, for example, the use of expensive machinery by unauthorized persons can void the warranty of the machine.  This creates enormous out-of-pocket costs to repair.

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There are several reasons why biometrics is such a popular choice for access control in businesses right now. When upgrading to more secure technology, there is always the issue of convenience. But a biometrics access control system increases convenience and ease of conducting business.  It incorporates the best of both worlds.

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